All information related to the official schedule for the event can be found in this section. It is your responsibility to remain attentive to this calendar and any and all possible modifications.


Registration for this seventh edition will be available from 19 January, starting at 14:00 hrs., until 20 August, ending at 23:59 hrs.


The runner’s kit can be collected in Puerto Natales according to the following schedule:

23 SEPTEMBER15:00 – 22:00Espacio Ñandú – Prat 200
(Frente a la Plaza de Armas)
24 SEPTEMBER10:00 – 22:00Espacio Ñandú – Prat 200
(Frente a la Plaza de Armas)


The following schedules are presented according to race distance:

80K25 SEPTEMBER06:00Villa Cerro Castillo / Ruta 9
50K25 SEPTEMBER08:00Estancia El Kark / Ruta Y-200
42K25 SEPTEMBER08:30Puente Santucci / Ruta Y-200
35K25 SEPTEMBER09:00Cruce Bahía El Bote / Ruta Y-202
21K25 SEPTEMBER09:30Acceso Patagonia Camp / Ruta Y-290
14K25 SEPTEMBER10:00Mirador Grey Ruta / Y-290

NOTE: All pre-race events, which include kit pick up and the bus departure to the starting lines, take place in Puerto Natales. It is a runner’s personal responsibility to present him/herself in the starting location one hour before the official starting time, whether it be through personal means of transportation, private/hired shuttle or the official buses for the event.