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Gift a Registration


🤔💭🎄 🎁 Still considering a gift? Nothing better than gifting an experience! And even more, if they come with a small discount 🤭.

🎅🏻🏃🏻♀🏃🏽♂ If you have a partner, children, friends, colleagues or parents that are runners, then they would probably be more than happy to participate in Ultra Paine® 2023.

🤓 How does it work?

Just add the distance that you will give as a gift to the checkout cart and then fill in both your personal info and the name of the person receiving the gift. We will then virtually send you a personalized card to be sent in any way you see fit, which will include the code needed to redeem registration.

👉🏻 If you have any doubts, please write us over WhatsApp 📲 +56 61261389 or by email 📩 info@ultrapaine.com.

It is important that in the buyer and personal information section, you enter your name and email, as well as where it asks for WhatsApp put yours, otherwise the card and ticket will reach the person to whom you want to give the gift, not you. The only information we ask about the runner who will receive the gift is his/her name to add it in the “To” field of the card.

The card that you will receive to make the gift will be like the one on the following flyer 🤩👇:

Gift a Registration Ultra Paine 2023

Note: If you live outside of Chile, please make sure the form of currency for payment is US Dollars; otherwise, your card will be rejected.

7K(2) $83.00 USD $49,590 CLP
14K(2) $125.00 USD $72,240 CLP
21K $171.00 USD $102,600 CLP
35K $193.00 USD $115,425 CLP
42K $211.00 USD $126,540 CLP
50K $234.00 USD $140,220 CLP
80K $281.00 USD $168,435 CLP
NOTE: The prices listed above do not include the pre-registration nor the commission payment to the third-party payment system, Welcu, which will be added upon checkout.

NOTE 2: Registration for the 7K & 14K includes the entry fee ($35.00 USD) into Torres del Paine National Park. The race route for this distance takes place in Reserva Las Torres, which is located inside the park’s limits.
    • Annual event management (administrative tasks, website and social media management, permit requests, managing event registration, communication with runners, authorities, suppliers and press, etc.).
    • Route Design, exploration, clearing, cleaning, and marking.
    • Hydration and food stations along the course route and at the Finish Line.
    • Control points in strategic areas.
    • Support Staff and Medical Team during the Race.
    • First Aid, Search, Rescue, and Evacuation Teams.
    • Official Runner Shirt Ultra Paine®.
    • Official Elastic Cylindrical Headband Ultra Paine®.
    • Official Race Number.
    • Recyclable Timing Chip.
    • Medal for crossing the finish line.
    • Medal for the first three finishers of each race category.
    • Fruit, Hydration, and snack in the Finish Line.
    • Bag-transfer from Start to Finish Line.
    • Runner’s Guide (Digital copy).
    • Entry Ticket into Torres del Paine National Park (7K & 14K Only).

In order to obtain your TICKET, you must enter into our registration and payment system by clicking the button above (if you live outside of Chile, all payments must be made in USD). By completing payment (including the Welcu commission fee), you are confirming that you have read and understood the rules and regulations for the event. The following documents must be sent via email at least one month prior to the event in order to participate and confirm your participation:

  1. Medical certificate that clearly indicates a runner’s ability to complete this sort of activity, specifically including the completion of the specified distance.
  2. A signed copy of the event’s disclaimer form.