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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page of the Ultra Paine®. Here you may find answers to most of your questions. Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact us a info@ultrapaine.com.

General Information

1. What is Trail Running?

According to the ITRA (International Trail Running Association), trail running is defined as running through a natural environment (mountains, deserts, forests, plains, etc.) with a minimum amount of paved or asphalted roads, which must not exceed 20% of the total course. The type of terrain may vary (dirt path, forest footpaths, trails, etc.), and the route must be properly marked. Within this general context provided by ITRA, Ultra Trail Torres del Paine Running is an intensive way to connect with nature; it is a life experience in Patagonia.

2. Why is it called UTTP or ULTRA PAINE®?

The denomination “ULTRA PAINE® or “UTTP” for short, is the result of the combination between two concepts: Ultra, a term utilized often in Trail Running, and is associated directly with distances exceeding 42K. The other term, which defines the denomination of the event, is “Torres del Paine,” in reference to the Torres del Paine National Park, whose mountainous geography is part of the best views included in ULTRA PAINE®‘s race routes. In the 2014 and 2015 editions, ULTRA PAINE®‘s race routes penetrated the Park’s trails; however, in 2024, similar to the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022 & 2023 editions, the trails for the race surround the Park, but do not actually enter it (with the exception of 14K & 7K – Reserva Las Torres).

3. Where will ULTRA PAINE® take place?

The event will take place in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Region, Province of Última Esperanza (Last Hope), Commune Torres del Paine. The race routes are located in the surroundings of Torres del Paine National Park. The region’s capital is Punta Arenas, and the closest city to the event’s race zone is Puerto Natales.

4. What is the race format for ULTRA PAINE®?

The race format is going to be a non-stop race with semi-autonomy. This means that each runner must be independent between aid stations. Thus, in order to endure any possible weather or physical conditions that may arise, each runner must carry mandatory equipment at all times (see equipment list in Race Rules). Similarly, the runner must carry a sufficient amount of nutrition and hydration to last each leg of the race. ULTRA PAINE® adheres to the values of sportsmanship, loyalty, solidarity, and environmental respect.

5. What types of terrain will be crossed in ULTRA PAINE®?

ULTRA PAINE®‘s race route will pass through a wide variety of terrain and landscapes. Thus, all of the following will be passed along the course: ranch farms, forests, grasslands, mountains, bordering lakes, and other natural environments. For the course’s terrain, runners will move on animal tracks, trails, back-roads for vehicles, etc.

6. Will it be necessary to pay an entry fee to Torres del Paine National Park?

For this edition, the race routes for 21K, 35K, 50K & 80K are located outside of the park’s limits, so it will not be necessary to enter the park; however, should your hotel/hostel accommodation be located inside of the park or should you wish to visit it, you will have to pay the corresponding entry fee in order to enter the park at aspticket.cl. For the 14K and 7K race distances, you must arrive at Reserva Las Torres, which is inside the park’s limites, so the entry fee included in your registration payment is valid for the day of the race.

7. How will the race route be marked?

The race route will be clearly indicated, which will include various markings depending on the race zone, but will primarily include stakes and tape. Please reference the Runner’s Guide for more details.

8. What race distances are included in this edition of ULTRA PAINE®?

The event will offer the following race distances:

80K 50K 35K 21K 14K 7K

*These race distances could be slightly modified when the route details are finalized.

9. Will the 2024 edition of Ultra Paine® award ITRA points and/or be considered in my UTMB® Index?

Yes, the 2024 edition of Ultra Paine® awards the following ITRA points:

Ultra Paine ITRA National LeagueUltra Paine ITRA Member
80K 50K 35K 21K
3 Points 2 Points 2 Points 1 Point

Also, these distances are added to your UTMB® Performance Index (UTMB® Index), according to the following distance categories:

Ultra Paine UTMB Index 2024 100K
Ultra Paine UTMB Index 2024 50K
Ultra Paine UTMB Index 2024 20K
35K 21K 14K

The Performance Index is used in a similar way as the ‘qualifying points’ to show a runner’s experience at different distances and can be used to enter the UTMB® World Series Events and combined with Running Stones to enter the UTMB® Finals.

10. What categories will be included in ULTRA PAINE®? How will they be awarded?

The runners from each race distance will be classified according to the following table of categories, which is based on the runner’s age as of 28 / 29 Sep (according to race distance) September, 2024:

Category Age Range: Men Age Range: Women
Hares 16 – 17 16 – 17
Guanacos 18 – 29 18 – 29
Pumas 30 – 39 30 – 39
Huemules 40 – 49 40 – 49
Foxes 50 – 59 50 – 59
Condors 60 – 69 60 – 69
Mylodones 70 + 70 +
NOTE: The categories have been named in recognition of the natural environment in which the race takes place. The names used are from the surrounding wildlife.
  • All runners that cross the finish line within the established time limits will receive a finisher medal.
  • For all race distances, runners will be awarded for the first three places in each category.

11. What are the starting points, time limits, altitudes, and aid stations for each race distance?

28 September

Mountain Half-Marathon


50 Miles

Distance (km) 21.5 35.8 51.5 81.0
Distance (miles) 13.4 22.0 31.8 50.0
Ascent (+) 940m 1,470m 1,630m 3,220
Descent (-) 915m 1,490m 1,710m 3,320m
Maximum Altitude 462 masl 462 masl 462 masl 870 masl
Maximum Race Time 7.0 hrs. 8.0 hrs. 13.0 hrs. 16.0 hrs.
Starting Line Acceso
Patagonia Camp
Ruta Y-290
Cruce Bahía El Bote
Ruta Y-202
El Kark
Ruta Y-200
Villa Cerro
Ruta 9
Start (Day/Time) 28 Sep


28 Sep


28 Sep


28 Sep


Race Cut-Off Time (Day/Time) 28 Sep


28 Sep


28 Sep


28 Sep


Cut-Off Points NO NO Mirador Grey


Mirador Grey


Finish Line Base
Aid Stations (PAS)* 4 5 7 10
Drop Bag (DB)** 1 1 1 2
ITRA Points Awarded 1 2 2 3
* The Starting Line and Finish Line are both considered as a PAS.
** For the 21K, 35K & 50K distances, the only drop bag (DB) is the one that is left at the starting line and delivered at the finish line. The 80K has one additional bag, located at PAS La Península.

29 September
Distance (km) 7.2 13.8
Distance (miles) 4.5 8.6
Ascent (+) 200m 400m
Descent (-) 200m 400m
Maximum Altitude 258 masl 258 masl
Maximum Race Time 4.0 hrs. 5.0 hrs.
Starting Line Welcome Center
/ Reserva Las Torres
Welcome Center
/ Reserva Las Torres
Start (Day/Time) 29 Sep


29 Sep


Race Cut-Off Time (Day/Time) 29 Sep


29 Sep


Cut-Off Points Cerro Paine


Cerro Paine


Finish Line Welcome Center
/ Reserva Las Torres
Welcome Center
/ Reserva Las Torres
Aid Stations (PAS)* 3 4
Drop Bag (DB)** 1 1
ITRA Points Awarded No No
* The Starting Line and Finish Line are both considered as a PAS.
** For the 7K & 14K, the only drop bag (DB) is the one that is left at the starting line and delivered at the finish line.

12. Will there be intermediate cut-off points?

Yes, for security and logistical reasons, cut-off times will be set at intermediate points for the 80K & 50K distances at PAS Mirador Grey, and for 14K and 7K at PAS Cerro Paine. Please reference the Runner’s Guide for more details.

13. Can my team members, friends, or family accompany me along the race?

It is prohibited for runners to be accompanied throughout the race; however, there will be aid stations where the assistance from friends, family, or team members is permitted. Some of these stations are accessible by vehicle. Please reference the Runner’s Guide for more details.

14. Can I leave a bag at the starting line?

Yes, all runners can leave a drop bag at their respective starting lines, which will be transported by the organization to the finish line.

15. What will be the climate during the days of the event?

The climate in Patagonia is characterized by highly variable and unpredictable weather conditions in all four seasons; however, in the month of September, which is the date for the event, spring will already have begun! Gradually, the green begins to return after a hard winter. Therefore, you can expect average temperatures between 2 and 10°C, with absolutes maximums exceeding 15°C. Even though it will not be during a season of strong and persistent winds, and beyond statistics, there is also the possibility that Patagonia will surprise us with some form of a storm to show us her power! Therefore, you must come prepared for everything, and the use of adequate clothing will be fundamental in order to enjoy your experience in these latitudes.

NOTE: In reference to weather conditions, the mandatory equipment seeks to improve the race experience, while also serving as an important part of your safety and comfort during the event. Selecting and evaluating each item is the runner’s responsibility.

16. How can I reach the race area?

When entering Chile from outside the country, one must first arrive in Santiago, Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, code SCL. From this airport, there are frequent flights to Punta Arenas (PUQ), the capital of the Magellan and Chilean Antarctica Region and the closest city to Puerto Natales and ULTRA PAINE®‘s race zone. From Punta Arenas, there are regular bus services to Puerto Natales (250km). From Puerto Natales there will be special bus services to travel to the race’s starting points.

17. How can I go from Puerto Natales to the starting points?

The starting lines are approximately 70-80 km from Puerto Natales. In order to access these points, you can use your own means of transportation (For all the distances that take places on Saturday, whose starting line and finish line are located at different locations, please be aware that the driver CANNOT also be a runner on Saturday, meaning that the driver must vacate the starting location after the race has begun and continue to the finish line, where they may park and wait there for your arrival. For the 14K and 7K races distances, since the starting line and finish line are located at the same place, you can arrive by your own accord, without needing to be transported by a third party not participating in the event) or use the official bus service, which includes returning to Puerto Natales from the finish line. Please reference the Runner’s Guide for more details.

Runner’s Kit

1. Where can I go to retrieve my runner’s kit?

The Runner’s Kit can be picked up based on the following schedule:

Date Time Location
26 SEP 15:00 – 20:00 hrs. Remota Patagonia Lodge

Puerto Natales

27 SEP 10:00 – 22:00 hrs. Remota Patagonia Lodge

Puerto Natales

28 SEP

(7K & 14K Only)

11:00 – 18:00 hrs. Remota Patagonia Lodge

Puerto Natales

NOTE: Please refer to your Runner’s Guide for any updated dates and/or times for Kit Pick Up.

2. What’s included in the Runner’s Kit?

Kit includes:
– Official Runner Shirt Ultra Paine®
– Official Elastic Cylindrical Headband Ultra Paine®
– Official Race Number
– Recyclable Timing Chip
– Personalized Final Bag Sticker
– Sticker Ultra Paine®


1. What are the dates of the registration period?

Registration for the 2024 edition will open on Wednesday, 18 October, 2023 and close on 22 August, 2024! For more information please visit our registration page.

Super Pre-sale Pre-sale Normal
18 October – 7 November 8 November – 4 January 5 January – 22 August

2. What is the registration cost and what is included?

Super Pre-sale Pre-sale Normal
18 October – 7 November 8 November – 4 January 5 January – 22 August
7K $85.00 $51,200 $96.00 $57,600 $107.00 $64,000
14K $128.00 $76,800 $144.00 $86,400 $160.00 $96,000
21K $179.00 $107,200 $201.00 $120,600 $223.00 $134,000
35K $192.00 $115,200 $216.00 $129,600 $240.00 $144,000
50K $235.00 $140,800 $264.00 $158,400 $293.00 $176,000
80K $264.00 $158,400 $297.00 $178,200 $330.00 $198,000
The registration fee includes the following:

– Route Design, exploration, clearing, cleaning, and marking.
– Hydration and food stations along the course route and at the Finish Line.
– Control points in strategic areas
– Support Staff and Medical Team during the Race
– First Aid, Search, Rescue, and Evacuation Teams
– Official Runner Shirt Ultra Paine®
– Official Elastic Cylindrical Headband Ultra Paine®
– Official Race Number
– Recyclable Timing Chip
– Medal for crossing the finish line
– Medal for the first three finishers of each race category
– Fruit, Hydration, and snack in the Finish Line
– Digital Runner’s Guide
– Bag-transfer from Start to Finish Line
– Entry Ticket into Torres del Paine National Park (Only 7K & 14K) – Valid Only for Race Day

NOTE: Unspecified services are not included.

3. How can I register?

Registration can be made by accessing the “Chilean ($ CLP) or Foreign ($ USD)” buttons located in the registration section of our website. For national runners, it can be completed in Chilean pesos through the Welcu system by paying with credit card, debit card or via a bank transfer. For everyone residing outside of Chile, registration can be completed through WeTravel by paying in USD by credit card or other options depending on the options avialable for your specific country.

4. What are the requirements for entering the race?

In addition to being at least 18 years old, he or she must be fully aware of all the Race’s dimensions and risks, and specifically including the test it takes to complete, and be fully prepared, for all of them. Having the minimal experience and semi-autonomy ability in mountains that allows for him or her to successfully and independently confront the challenges presented in ULTRA PAINE®. (Please reference Article 4 of the Race’s General Rules for more details).

5. How do I know if I have effectively registered to be a runner in ULTRA PAINE®?

The moment you finish registration, you will automatically receive a ticket from Welcu confirming that your registration is complete.

6. Can I change any data in my registration form after my participation has been confirmed?

Any changes on your registration may be made until 22 August, 2024. These changes may be made by emailing

7. Once registered, can I change my distance? Until when can I change it?

Yes, you are permitted to change your race distance, but only until 22 August, 2024. Please email
info@ultrapaine.com to change your distance.

8. Once registered, am I going to receive updates regarding ULTRA PAINE® in my e-mail?

We try to only send relevant information, which may include reminders, important changes, logistical matters, or even promotions from local services that may be attractive and/or beneficial to runners; however, we will not release or share your email address with any third parties.


1. If I injure myself or am unable to participate in the event for any reason, will I receive a partial refund?

It depends on the date of when this notice is given to the Organization. For more information, you may check our Rules and Regulations.

2. If for one reason or another I cannot compete in ULTRA PAINE®, can someone else take my place?

Yes, you can, just let us know sending an email to info@ultrapaine.com and we will explain you the corresponding process.

3. If I chose to save my registration, will I be able to use to run in one of the Organization’s other events?

Yes, it is permitted, provided that you meet the minimum eligibility requirements for that event. For more details, please refer to Rules and Regulations.